Station Equipment List

  • Yaesu FTDX10 HF/50MHz 100W Hybrid SDR Transceiver
  • Alinco DM-430T Switching 12v 30A Power supply 
  • Wolf River Coil SOTA Special (SOTA is Summits On The Air) Packable Vertical Antenna with Buddipole  extensions (2 ea. 11" and one 32" - 54" total) and longer (84")whip antenna similar to this
  • Alpha Antenna JPole Jr. 36' End fed 'sloper' feed end at 30' AGL (Above Ground Level) sloping to 10' AGL with the wire pointing South, so East/West should be strongest signals.
  • SDR Play RSP1a (Software: SDR Uno
  • BTech UV-25X2 VHF/UHF FM 
  • Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF FM HT w/ Nagoya NA-771 VHF/UHF Antenna
  • NANO VNA Network Vector Analyzer
  • TinySA Spectrum Analyzer
  • MFJ 1708B-SDRS SDR Receiver TR Switch
  • MFJ 1701 Antenna Switch
  • NI4L HF Choke Line Isolator (CM choke) for antenna

    Software List

  • Skimmer (not until it works with my SDR or another inexpensive one).  Skimmer is expensive - but it could be worth it since there are few reverse beacons near me.  But not until I have a proven antenna system ...
  • DXLabs - Best radio control, DX, Contesting software, but it needs a native CW decoder!
  • WSJT - The best way to 'do' FT-8 etc.
  • CWGet  - Works off the sound card, so it can work with DXLabs Winwarbler. 
  • CHIRP - Allows programming HT's to the same channel (frequency) etc. even if they are different model numbers from different manufacturers. But its a bit 'clunky' - I may have a look at creating the same functionality using some other tools and database(s).

Project List

Antenna Analysis
VNA analysis of my antennas - or - Learning how to use VNA Windows software.

Alpha JPole Jr Install and Test
Using a 30' flag pole to 'fly' a wire antenna and stay under the radar (maybe).
As well as how well it works, and how much sensitivity it has to installation direction. Relative ERP map by skimmer?
Comparison to Wolf SOTA vertical and other antennas.

Shack Grounding - pending ground rod install.  Presently using 3rd wire ground which may be a significant fraction of wavelength because of the way my electrical distribution is laid out.
Lightning Ground
Signal Ground
EMI Ground and Shielding (I've got a great large AM ground wave transmitter 500 yards to my East).