KJ7UJP Operating Position Upgrade June 2021

Station Upgrades

Here's the finished project

Panorama of the station

AWOW Mini PC Mounted To Back of Left Monitor

The AWOW comes with a small bracket that matches installed inserts in the computer case and the VESA bracket.  Just unscrew a pair of the screws holding the VESA bracket to the monitor, insert the computer, reinstall the screws into the standoffs.
When rigging the cables, you'll quickly discover the supplied raceway brackets are too stiff and prone to breakage.  I used some velcro straps from the computer room. 

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand is well made, comes with all the tools you'll need, and is very versatile.  On Norleen's desk I drilled a 1/2" hole and mounted the post through the top.  On my desk, I found I could use the included clamp. 

The Secpter 20" LED Monitors are bright, sharp, light weight, and small.  Everything I was hoping for.

The Magically Small Keyboard and Mouse set, lost the mouse right away.  Had a Microsoft Sculpt that loaded right up and works much better for my big hand.  The keyboard is nearly identical in size to the Apple Mac Mini keyboard I've been using forever.  It seems like I will be able to type just fine on it, and it worked right off to install the new Microsoft OS.  That's probably because it uses a USB dongle instead of BlueTooth.  If you choose a pure Bluetooth keyboard, you should keep a USB keyboard (and mouse) around to use when you need to boot the computer and talk to it before the OS loads. 

I recovered some desktop space by mounting the power supply in its own enclosure under the desktop.
This supplies power to both the Yeasu FT10Dx and the BTECH UV-25 X2 2M/70cm transceivers.

Everything that used to be in the desk (7 drawers) is in these two roll around plastic drawer sets.  The desktop is at a comfortable 28", the top is 1-1/4" thick and the drawers fit with 3" clearance, so I've got stuff I reach for a lot (like a Fluke voltmeter) on top.

All in all, I am very happy with the price and quality of the computer upgrade.  Installing it this way has replaced two notebooks and provided significantly more screen real estate to display most of the radio control apps, but if I had a rotating antenna, I would absolutelywant a third monitor, and then would need a USB-C to HDMI adapter if using the AWOW computer.  I haven't tested that configuration, but I believe it will work.

Here's how I did last night on FT8 operating with the new setup was a breeze! 
Almost got a QSO with Norway but propagation wasn't cooperating - I could hear him at about -10, and according to PSK Reporter, he should have heard me at least well enough.  Oh well, that's what makes it 'interesting' right?

This is just short of WORLD WIDE coverage - just imagine how cool its going to be in a year or two!

So here you have one way to create a comfortable radio operator / computer programmer operating position.
Hope it gives ideas, and answers questions.