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August 2020
I've got a lot of the notes and comments that previously appeared here, into the Blog.
The Accurate MSR Saga Continues 20200701 Update (under development)

Dillon XL650 Powder Funnel

Rifle Barrel Survey's
Barrel Survey Video's Served Locally
Barrel Survey Video's Served by YouTube
Proof Research 223 Wylde, Reece 16” Button Rifled Barrel
20191025 – Barrel Survey 1
20191026 – Barrel Survey 2
20191026 – Gas Port 2

Remington 700 308 Winchester, Shilen Heavy Varmint Barrel
20191026 – Barrel Survey 1
20191026 – Leade Survey
20191031 – After KG1 Cleaning

Ruger SR556 5.56 NATO, Factory Barrel
20191026 – Barrel Survey
20191026 – Gas Port

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor, Factory Hammer Forged Barrel
20191026 – Barrel Survey
20191027 – Carbon Cleaning Survey

Savage 12FCP 204 Ruger, Factory Barrel
20191026 – Barrel Survey (muzzle to chamber)
20191026 – 25 Strokes KG1/Bronze Brush, 50 Patches KG2 Survey
20191026 – 25 Strokes Montana Extreme Patch
20191026 – 50 Strokes Montan Extreme Brush & Patch

STAG15 5.56 NATO 24”, Factory Barrel
20191026 – Barrel Survey

Rifle Fundamentals Checklist

Discussion of Wx, Temp, Pressure and Altitude as it relates to Density Altitude and to Ballistics.
Relative Importance of Sources of Dispersion; Pointing Error, Velocity Variation, Wind, Distance, Marksmanship, etc. etc.
Scope Mounting For Long Range Shooting:

Lamp/Flashlight method of truing the reticle to the fall of gravity.
Discussion of the effects of:
Rifle Level, Scope Canted
Rifle Canted, Scope Level
Rifle and Scope Canted with a correctly installed scope

Notebook Notes
Notes on Ballistics Apps
Exterior Ballistics - Wind Effects
Future Plans

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