"Accuracy, Power, Speed"

Idaho has passed a couple of pro 2A laws, and failed to correct one law pertaining to firearms instructor qualifications.  As a result, it is not economically feasible for me to provide regularly scheduled classes, nor can I provide the 'use of force continuum' necessary for the 'Enhanced Concealed Carry License'.

Nevertheless I remain available to provide one-on-one instruction on a request basis.
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The phrase 'Accuracy, Power, Speed', first made popular by Col. Jeff Cooper, means that a proper defensive tool (eg. a handgun), must be used accurately enough to place shots where they will have the desired effect, with sufficient power to create that desired effect, and do so with sufficient speed to realize the desired effect before the attacker harms anyone.  Properly executed, this technique is very different from the target shooting techniques common to most training.  Its purpose it to train you to be accurate enough and fast enough, with enough gun.

Of late we have focused quite a lot of energy on rifles.  Extending the understanding of the science and the art behind long range accurate shooting.  Much of this has come about because, though  I've been a handloader since 1966, I never (until now) learned how to efficiently adjust a given choice of ammunition components to create the best load those components will deliver in a given rifle.  I am in the process of writing the notebook (linked above) on the subject, and have listed links to copies of the emails I sent during early development to those interested in following or contributing expertise to the project.  From now on, you can read all about it right here, so the only emails I will be sending will be notifications of new postings to this page.  If you wish to be included on the notification listing, please send me an email and mention you want to be included (or removed from) the "Shooting" list.

Family members have expressed interest in becoming trained in armed self defense, and accurate long range shooting, so ...
I recently became certified as an instructor by the US Conncealed Carry Association .  The training provided under their program is primarily directed at those who have recently made the decision to carry a concealed firearm, and is primarily focused on safety and covers the wide range of information that is essential to those new to firearms, such as "Which gun is right for me?", "How do I carry this gun?", "How do these guns work?", and many more topics.  I highly recommend this training to everyone, particularly those who recently made the decision to protect themselves, and as yet don't have any experience with firearms.

I teach the unmodified USCCA classroom course for $200.00 per student.  This world class multi-media course comes with your own copy of USCCA's "Concealed Carry" magazine.  Location and time to be determined upon registration.  Men, women, boys and girls welcome.  To begin registration, plese send me an email with your contact information and preferred classroom location and the number of students you will bring to class.  NOTE: If you bring me a large group of students and provide a television equipped classroom,  I will teach the entire class for a significant discount from the individual rate.  Please contact me to discuss.

I teach continuing education courses for my USCCA CCW course graduates, to include additional practical training in firearms manipulation, shooting technique, and tactical reasoning.  These courses are designed to instill the student with the instinctive reactions necessary to detect, avoid or previal in lethal force encounters.

I can develop and teach modified courses to include specific topics and scenarios which may be of importance to your group.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

For those of you interested, I am going to create a separate page just for training eventually.  In the meantime, here is a screen shot of the 'bio' I put on the USCCA Instructors page ... and you can review my professional resume above.