Shooting & Reloading Links

1 MOA = 1.047" @ 100yds    1 MOA = 0.2908 MILS     1 MIL = 3.438 MOA
Sealevel Speed of Sound:
    @ 32F = 1087.27 fps        @ 90F = 1151.76 fps


Russ Haydon's Shooters Supply

Kesselrings Gun Shop

Gunstop Reloading Supplies (volume discounts !)

Wholesale Hunter (BIG Discounts!)

Graff  & Sons

Champion's Choice

Champion Shooter's Supply (ISSF/NRA Match)

Thompson Center Barrels LG Outdoors - T/C Dealer

Mid South Shooters

Natchez Shooters Supplies/

Sinclair International

Sinclair's Blog

Bruno Shooters Supply


MidwayUSA Widener's

Powder Valley

OutdoorMarksman - Primers

Zanders Sporting Goods

Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Recob's Target Shop


The Lucky Gunner - BULK PRIMERS & AMMO

Long Range Hunting Gear MOBALL on TI Calculator

K&M Precision

Long Range Hunting - Articles and Discussions
jrs | jsnell | rose6746

Arms of Justice - Lynnwood, WA
T/C Frames, complete guns and lots of other stuff

Stocky's Stocks <rose6746>
Mono-pod for toe of stock BT-1 3"-6" $60 shipped - lots of stuff when no one else has any!


Elite Rifle Works
4293 E. Franklin Road
Nampa, ID 83687


Loading Data

Hogdon Data Center Hogdon | IMR | Winchester 

Alliant Reloading Data

Accurate Arms Reloading Data

VihtaVuori Load Data

Reloaders Nest - Thousands of loads!

Handload Database - jsnell | rose6746

Real Guns

Reloading Tips and Articles

Froggy on Reloading Part II

Reloaders Nest - jrs <rose6746>

Powder & Primers

Hogden Powder

Lapua Reloading Powders

Accurate Arms

Alliant Powder

Vihta Vuori Powders

Ramshot Powder

Lapua Rifle Reloading Data

Bullet Manufacturers

Berger Bullet Data


Sierra Rifle Bullet BC's

Rainier Balllistics

Speer Rifle Bullets


Thompson Center - Encore (Factory)


Cooper Firearms of Montana

Dakota Arms




Savage Arms

Smith & Wesson


MGM Targets

Balistic Calculators

Point Blank

Online G7 & more

Hornady Online

Recreational Software (Pressure Trace)

Patigonia Software

Exbal (Perry Systems)

PocketPC 2002/3 Balistics w/ angle

QuickLoad / Target - interior/exterior balistics

Big Game Info - Online & PocketPC
jsnell | rose6746

Terminal Ballistics - Introduction & Index


GSeven (BOTW) Ballistics Program

Dies, Presses and Guages

Redding Reloading


Forster Reloading

Borka Tools - torque wrenches

Gunsmiths, Custom Machinsts and Stockmakers


E. Arthur Brown Co.

Match Grade Machine

Murphy Precision (Custom Scope Bases)

Stockey's - T/C Encore Page


SKS Industries

Stratton Custom - hanger bar & forend

Controlled Chaos - Durakote & Cerakote


American Targets

Hunting Club

Action Target

My Targets

The Reload Bench

Salute Targets

Metal Spinning Targets

Spring Loaded Steel Targets (#11 - best $/weight)

Arntzen Corp (A514 & AR500 steel - low cost)

Quality Targets AR500 Circle, Square & Cutouts
5/4/10 - Purchased 2", 4", 7" circle gongs.

Big Dog Steel Targets - waterjet cut
8" x 8" looks promising

Impact Data - 1400 printable targets

MGM Targets

Shooting Accessories

Carbon River Wind Flags 18604 94th LN E, Puyallup, WA. 98375, (253)306-5986

MTM Case Guard

MTM On-Line Store

El Paso Saddlery - Leather Belts & Holsters

Blade Tech - Kydex Holsters & Accessories

Optics Planet - Everything!

Ranges & Calendars

Kitsap R&R Calendar

Poulsbo 2009 Calendar


Tools & Accessories

CKT Precision (Mono-Pod)

Sniper Tools

K&M Precision

Associations, Organizations, Guides &  Outfitters

United States Concealed Carry Associaton

Accurate Shooter

Hunting Society - includes 100's of shooting specialties

Washington Outdoor Forum

Gunners Den - Reloads & Accuracy

Long Range Hunting 
Forum Login jrs <rose6746>

Varmints Den
JSnell <rose6746>

Ultimate Prairie Dog Hunting Montana
Self Guided Hunts

Training - Tips, Techniques, and HowTo's

Make primers from matches

Front Site Academny

Stopping Power (One Shot Stops)

How To Shoot (Army Sniping Manual)

Rifle Accuracy Reports

Games & Simulations

Long Range Marksmanship Simulator

SniperAim Action Game

Replacements / Spares / Stuff Not Listed Elsewhere

Knife Sharpening

300 + Shooting Links from M.D. Smith IV

Varmint Den - T/C Contender Fever thread

Dark Canyon (Skeeter Skelton Library!)

Air Gun (GAMO Varmint)

Crosman Heavy 10.5g Domed Pellets 1250ct

Crosman 7.9g Field Target Premier Pellet 1250ct

Crosman 10.5g Field Target Premier Pellet 1250ct

Gamo Pro-Magnum 7.8g Domed Pellets 750ct