The importance of follow through can not be overstated. The vast majority of shooting errors occur as the result of poor to non-existant follow through. Without follow through anticipation will ruin more shots than you can imagine. Follow through done correctly, and with the correct settings on your scope magnification, you should be able to spot your own shot (see where your shot impacted). Done correctly you will see a marked improvement in your consistency as your follow through technique improves.

Trial and error in selection and use of support material will inform future choices. Precision Rifle Series (PRS) match shooters use a lot of specialized bags to provide 'dead support' to the rifle forend, and at the toe of the stock (bottom of the butt section). Hunters use day packs. Target shooters use dedicated tripods, some with micrometer adjustments to support the forend. There are many types of tripods, bipods, and monopods. In use by all types of shooters.

Follow Through Technique