Current and Future Projects:

JSnell Consulting pages for Storm Tactical (or any A5 three ring) DOPE book.
Start 'Rifle Fundamentals' page.  Gather concensus on items and order.  Build checklist.  Link checklist items to articles etc.
Start 'Exterior Ballistics' section in the notebook.  Insert current wind data.
Bushnell ConX & Kestrel Sportsman (Upgraded to 5700 Elite) Test and Evaluation.
Calibrating 36" Surveyors Tape to SLOW, MEDIUM, FAST wind - Is the Kestrel 5700 fast enough to synch with photo's?
Reading wind in the spotting scope (focus short of the target, read in bullet path, what causes mirage).
Lightweight, stable, portable shooting bench - Project Complete.   It is in the Notebook (direct link), and a slightly different version is linked below.
Lightweight, low cost, portable steel target hanger - Project Complete.   It is in the notebook (direct link).
Update for target hanger 'break-down' model.
Modifying Harbor Freight 120V wirefeed welder from AC operation to DCEN (Direct Current, Electrode Negative) operation.  Why and how.