1999 Kwikamp $3000

Motorcycle or auto camping trailer with pop up tent.


This is the biggest little camping trailer!  The basic tent is about 7-1/2 ft headroom at the door, with adequate room for two people to stand indoors to get ready for bed or dress.  The bed is a queen with a very comfortable mattress and egg crate topper.  We found it warm enough to just use a quality Goose Down comforter year round (which can be folded up with the bed saving storage space).  Whoever is on the left side of the bed has a zipper allowing access to the cooler, the sidewalls and front door all have screened opening that really let the air flow.  The floor and top is a waterproof fabric and the sides are quality tent canvas. 

All the tent frame hardware is the same as what boaters know a 'Bimini Top' so if anything needs replaced or repaired the parts are readily available.  Included are a second set of wheels (white pinstripe).  The tires on these wheels are done for.

The bed and tent fold up and stow on top of the cargo trailer, and you can access the cargo trailer with the tent stowed, or deployed.  There is so much room in the 'basement' that you will be able to pack for week long trips easily.  There is a Coleman cooler on the trailer tongue. The dust cover has a very large pocket that accepts your two folding chairs, folding table, and door mat, etc.

Speaking of the trailer tongue, because this trailer is designed for motorcycle touring the hitch rotates 360 degrees (allowing the bike to lean).  This feature has no downside when towing behind an automobile.

Our unit comes with the very rare 'Add A Room' feature, which attaches to the front door and encloses an area large enough to cook during inclement weather and bug defense.

We added some adjustable tent poles which were used with a 10'x20' white tarp to provide a cool weather proof roof with eaves over the tent (you'll supply your own tarp).  The poles are stowed on the bottom of the bed, top of the cargo lid.
The trailer uses three jacks to level and support the deployed tent, and the head of the bed has its own swing down support.  When correctly setup the system is very stable.  The only tent pegs you'll pound will be for the tarp and/or the Add-A-Room.  The basic Kwikamp sets up the same on grass, dirt or cement. 

While it is easy for one person to deploy the tent (in about 3 minutes), two people will not only speed it up, but makes setting the tent supports evenly a one-shot deal.  Two people also significantly improves the speed and ease of breaking camp and packing the tent, but it can be done by one person who just needs to be in two places several times during the process.

We loved this camp trailer, and hope you will too!

Please contact us (John & Norleen Snell) at (208) 318-6512 or norleensnell@gmail.com / jsnell6746@gmail.com to ask questions or arrange a time to inspect the Kwikamp.  We are in Caldwell, Idaho.